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Our Keys To Success

Athlete - Talent is not enough to become a great athlete for most of us. The drive to succeed and how you work hard to achieve your goal is key in being a top athlete. Some people are born with the natural qualities that allow them to do great things, while others work hard to achieve greatness. At GM Tennis, discipline and determination are reinforced to help our students reach their athletic goal.







Development - A properly prepared development plan is crucial in developing a tennis athlete. Tennis is very complex sport, and to make a player is like putting a large puzzle together. At GM Tennis, we focus on teaching all the fundamentals of the sport, and developing the character of the athlete on and off the court. Life balance and coaching our students off the court not only prepares the player for athletic challenges, but helps build confidence to assist in making good decisions. For more information about GM Tennis development plans, please see Programs.






Teamwork - Teamwork is one of the most important keys to success. The team consists of the athlete, parents and coaches. At GM Tennis, we feel that trust is the most important factor. If everyone on the team works towards a common goal with trust, results will follow. For our young players to be successful, parents and coaches guidance must be respected by the athlete.






Training - At GM Tennis, training occurs on court via drills, controlled and live situations, and off court in the gym. Both physical and mental training of an athlete is planned and executed on an individual basis. An important key is understanding and working with each players own individual personality. Allowing the player to explore variations of strokes and play gives them their own personal identity on the court. An important component in the training process is customizing training based on individual personality, skill set and needs.






Competition - Competition can be both fun and difficult for players to handle. Tennis is a very tough sport physically, mentally and financially. These factors are exceptionally demanding. During the competition phase, parents and players may burn out. In these situations, teamwork is vital as an important role. Becoming a successful player requires a great deal of planning and traveling, with long rides home after hard losses. Entering into the competition phase is one decision that requires careful planning and strong support.





Success - Success is a journey. If a player can apply the skills obtained during development and training in competition, there is no limit to what he or she can accomplish. While there is no guarantee of success, it does not mean he or she should not try. Success can measured in many ways, and it often follows those who never care about the outcome, but who know how to give everything to achieve the dream. By challenging themselves throughout the process, they are pursuing something that means everything to them, gradually getting closer and closer to achieving the dream.

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